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Request- Backup Callouts

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So, I've tried my hand at modding and I can't quite wrap my head around coding (I'm a science guy, not a computers guy).  My idea is the following:

You aren't always the first person to get every callout- why not have typical callouts become callouts where you head to back up a fellow officer? 

Examples include:

-Backup to store holdup (basically a ped with a gun/knife in a store)

-Backup to shots fired at a location (make sure there's a unit that spawns there first though)

-Backup to traffic stop (like FinKone's GTAIV mod)

-Backup to fight (maybe an officer is outnumbered and needs help or is trying to break up fights)

-Backup to foot pursuit (requires skill to plan where suspect will be headed)


I'm going to continue trying to take a stab at coding this, but if someone more experienced is willing to take this on instead please feel free!

This is just an idea, thanks for reading!

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Yep I agree, I like this idea.  I did a video review of High Priority Call outs and you can see a Tiny bit of what fiskey111 is wanting.  The call out happens and we do not take primary.  We are secondary or even the 3rd car in.  It would really feel nice to not have to take point.  

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