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Some Washington Sate Police questions

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Hello anyone know what kind of siren Washington state police use? If someone made a siren mod for it can you please link it. And does anyone know if there's a Washington state patrol texture (or car) out for gta5? If so link that too please. Thanks have a good day!

And if u can maybe a uniform too

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Seattle, Tacoma, Pierce County and the State Troopers all used Federal Signal Delta sirens as of the mid 2000's. I'm not sure if those departments have updated their sirens since then. The state police car in the first video link sounds like the same one, but the cop only uses the wail, not the yelp or priority tone.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LyPL7hV2ERQ <------ Federal Signal Deltas involving Pierce County & State Police


GTA IV has a good one. Prophet made an okay GTA V version but the priority tone isn't complete.

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19 hours ago, forsakenbacon17 said:

There's a WSP State Patrol skin for the '99 Crown Vic. The texture is on this site, and the model is over on www.gta5-mods.com

Can you link It to me I cant seem to find it

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