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RageHook Crash on Startup

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I have seen a few of these threads non seem to match the issue I am having.

The version of the game is Steam. It is a complete vanilla install.

I have booted up the game and played through the first two missions so I am now able to free roam.

I have then downloaded the most current version of LSPDFR, 0.2b I believe?

I have extracted the contents to the correct location and can confirm the files are there.

If I right click and run as admin the rage hook, it begins to load with the splash screen. Behind the splash screen is the rockstar launcher.

The rage hook splash screen displays 'launcher needs your attention' after a few seconds this changes to 'launching game'

The begins to launch and continues to whilst the rage logo shrinks to the bottom left. Then there are series of beeps from the RageHook I think.

A pop appears saying there was an issue and ragehook has crashed and then crash report appears. However the game continues to load behind and I can even resume my game.

If I close the crash report GTAV immediately crashes.

One suggestion was to update my video drivers, they were up to date but there was new beta version available, I have installed this, no improvement.

One suggestion was to alter graphics settings, I have lowered these, no improvement.

One suggestion was to manually load GTA V, I have done this via GTAVLauncher as Admin, this reports 'Game was not launched via Steam'. Launching via Steam and pressing F4 does nothing.

One suggestion was to ensure the .ini file has some basic settings:


No improvement again.

Any help please guys, I guess I have missed something along the route?

Oh, it is also Win10 x64

Below is the latest entry to the log:

[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.365]
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.375]
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.376]
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.376] ====================================================================================================
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.376] Started new log on 20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.365
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.376] ====================================================================================================
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.354] Log path: D:\SteamGames\steamapps\common\Grand Theft Auto V\RagePluginHook.log
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.376] Log verbosity: Verbose
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.378] Initializing input system
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.381] Initializing game console
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.388] Console key has been set to F4 (key code: 115)
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.434] Console initialized
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.434] Initializing forms manager
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.438] Version: RAGE Plugin Hook v0.20.641.4077 PUBLIC ALPHA for Grand Theft Auto V
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.453] ================ RAGE Plugin Hook ================
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.454] Checking game support
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.460] Product name: Grand Theft Auto V
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.460] Product version: 1.0.505.2
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.460] Is steam version: True
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.636] Unknown game version, there might be issues. Please report your game edition, place of purchase, and region at http://forums.ragepluginhook.net
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.637] Initializing game support
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.925]
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.925] ==============================
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.925] ------------------------------
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.925] Origin: HOOK
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.925] ------------------------------
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] Exception type: System.NullReferenceException
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] Exception message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] ------------------------------
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] Inner exceptions:
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] ------------------------------
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.926] Stack trace:
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.940] at InitializeGameSupport()
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.940] ==============================
[20-Nov-15 1:17:01 PM.940]

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It's stated in many places (when downloading LSPDFR for example) - Update your RagePluginHook. 


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