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GTA V Ragehook and LSPDFR Issues

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- I swear I'm having a real pain in the ass trying to get these 2 mods to even function - Keep in mind this is the Lowrider Update im running this on-

So, here is my story so far. Basically, I converted over to back to modding, I installed the following 

- Simple cars (Audi, BMW, you get the point)

- Police Models (Crown vics,Chargers)

- Helis from GTRFreak (Great modder)

- Visual V

- LED Corona 

- Scripthook 

And that should be it, now heres comes the issue.

I decided I should finally start my downloads focused on LSPDFR, and had enough playing with those mods.  I DID THE FOLLOWING IN ORDER FYI
I started by installing RAGEHOOK v. 26, and of course I didn't include the Licenses or SDK like he told. THEN, I dragged over the LSPDFR 0.2 files into my directory, (Here's where I think I got my mistake), and it prompted to overwrite some files, so I did ;/. I started it, and got into the menus, hit "Story Mode", and after a few seconds BOOM, the crash.

Decided to try RAGEHOOK 28, and it sorted just did the same. Did I do anything wrong? Also, do I have to install things in a current way?
BTW, this is NOT my first time playing and installing LSPDFR. Unfortunately, the Rockstar update messed everything up a while ago (1-2 Months ago I think the update occured?) , and I couldn't figure out what the in the earth happened, so I switched to the piss-pot ONLINE.

ALSO, I just started with a fresh backup (Just with like 1-2 car mods, and just Scripthook and trainer), and tried to drag the files from Ragehook 28 and it kept saying the following " An unexpected error is keeping you from copying the file". ugh

EDIT: Keep did the same thing above, again I had this directory only with Scripthook, Trainer, and 1-2 car mods, but now with Ragehook 24.  Installed it, everything copyed fine, BUT THEN THE DAMN THING CRASHES AGAIN.


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