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More modern police bike?

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Hey, so I've looked into this a little bit, I've seen a lot of people crying out for a BMW or something, but the poly count seems to be well....a lot.


But I was curious as if there has been any modder out there in successfully coming up with anything more modern than what our current PoliceB looks like in GTAV?

I mean heck, a Bagger or Thrust with some tweaks would still look more appropriate than our current model.


Just an idea though.

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it would be very cool with a modern policebike, i know alot like the BMW's but it would be nice with the Honda st1300pa it seems that it is used in both europe and U.S.


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Not a fan of the Honda's, the BMW R1200RT-P is the best looking bike in my opinion, probably the most used police bike in the world. Used by the CHP, LASD & the LAPD so the most suitable of bikes. I'd love to see the BMW in game, it was already made for GTA IV, the CHP model was made, so I don't see why the author can't just convert that for GTA V. 




Alternatively, I wouldn't mind seeing the new Kawasaki Concourse, but I think it's only being used by CHP and LAPD (in small numbers) and is intended to eventually replace the BMW.


Either of those two to replace those filthy Harleys...

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2 hours ago, JediHutch61 said:

Actually, both of those bike have been retired by the CHP, they now use Harley Davidson ElectraGlide motors.




Here's one of their new bikes, prior to leaving the factory.



And there was me hoping the CHP had some common sense... The Harley Electra Glide hasn't even changed in appearance since 1995, how crap Harleys are on turns at speed as well:


Oh well, BMW's were probably too expensive for the CHP and Kawasaki apparently really botched up the contract, some fault in them made them more prone to crashing, the only choice was the Harley. Pity, I hope regardless someone models the BMW or the Kawasaki anyway, because the Harleys still look like pigs. Thanks for the update though, I was under the impression they would be using the Kawasaki for the next few years 

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