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Forced Update, How Can I Avoid?

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So I have read a few forms on how to avoid updates, but I'm still having a problem. 

I can install and run LSPDFR fine and play away. I enjoy adding other mods like extra call outs, vehicles, etc. After I've add some of these mods I will usually just turn off/unplug my internet and load in the "offline mode".

Usually I'll get the option to select the profile that I've already logged in online to use offline. But for whatever reason, something must happen when I'm modding and it no longer recognizes the profile I had logged online with previous, and I get the message that I need to login online first before I can play offline.

So I plug my internet back in login online and then it "updates" every time and then non of my modes work. I then have to repeat the whole process again and its incredibly annoying. There are times that it works fine and I can loggin offline, but I don't know what I've done differently. I'm sure I'm just missing something or it may be a simple fix. I'd appreciate any help.

Thank you!


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