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Texture quality

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Hi. I have made my own state trooper livery for one of the models out there (the Chevrolet Impala by Bxbugs to name it, he deserves it!) lousely inspired by the Colorado State Police, used as police4 it makes a great replacement for the default car, but I am struggling to keep a level of quality when importing my texture in the YTD texture dictionary.

This is one cropped part of the texture:


They are saved as PNG files (smallest compression, not interlaced) and they are perfectly fine. There is no loss of quality that I can tell compared to my work file in Photoshop and the size (~350 Kb) is decent, especially considering that I have a total of 10 textures to import.

Once imported, here is the result:


Look particularly around the star and the US flag, there are some nasty pixels around the stars and the border of the flag is all blurry.

I let the OpenIV texture editor choose the best settings, which came up as DXT5, MipMaps levels 7 (that's the same properties than the textures used by default).

So I thought let's save them as DDS files. My settings were: DXT5 - ARGB - 8 bpp - interpolated alpha - MipMaps 7. But the file is over 2.6 Mb which is unacceptable when I can get the same quality with a PNG file that is 8 times smaller. If I aim for a smaller DDS file, the quality loss is just incredible.

Anyone would have some advice how not to lose quality when importing textures? If I go the DirectDraw files route, which settings should I use to obtain a decent size while keeping a good level of quality? Thanks in advance!

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I've been struggling with the same issue for quite some time. OpenIV really messes up .png images (and other formats for that matter). Just like you did, if I notice a loss of quality or color I save it as a .dds file (same settings) even though is larger in size. I don't know the details but I've heard .dds files actually are better for video games (load faster, use less VRAM or something like that) than .png images. There is game for which I made some mods a while ago and at some point the devs changed most of their images from .png and .tga formats to dds. I asked them why and they told me the dds files where superior to the other ones for some reason I don't remember anymore. 

How does the png texture look in-game? Such small details are not even noticeable unless you standing very close to the car.

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That's true, you notice the issues when you are standing close to the car but I think it is still noticeable and it doesn't help that once you know where to look you only see that.

You can see that the borders of the flag are indeed blurry and pixellated:



Same with the star, you can still see the pixels around:



The issue with importing large texture files is that the YTD file becomes larger, the game doesn't even want to load.

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