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rage 1.0.505.2 and gtav steam 0.28.766.5281 not work

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so after undred of removing reinstalling atc i assured this two version dont work...

it is absolutely impossible for somebody to work, this two versions are not compatible and they dont say about because they dont update anymore so dont waste your time asking how it work or similar, they post ever same answer like alt tab, c++ atc... losing time... dont work that enought.

RPH staff delete post and dont want to show this...

i ask to lfpdr staff to change or create a dedicate app to start this mod more compatible and less sofisticated, the pirated check fail and misundestand original copy with pirated... i have original steam copy buyed only to play lspdfr and dont work! at the end what import to you if somebody use not original copy?? thx

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Not entirely sure what your issue is, LSPDFR 0.2b should work with the latest RAGEPluginHook and GTA V version. If you're having issues with RPH then you'll have to consult them as we have no control over RPH.

As for LSPDFR using RPH, LSPDFR was built to work with RPH, it's essential and required for LSPDFR to work. The Development Team are to advanced in the development process to change how it runs now.

as for pirated copies, We don't support cracks/illegal copies of the game, if you have an illegal copy then LSPDFR and RPH won't work because they're designed to only work on original/legit copies of the game.. Why? simple, because we don't support pirated games. 

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5 hours ago, nbroglio said:

RPH staff delete post and dont want to show this...

Have you read the common issues thread there and said that you acknowledged it in your topic?

And about the 'you guys should make a dedicated app to start it', technically it is, since it is part developed by our own LMS.

Ragehook 28 is fully compatible with LSPDFR and 505.2, ensure you are not reinstalling LSPDFR after installing Ragehook 28.

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