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Preventing pedestrains from going hostile

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I have been playing LSPDFR for a while now and one thing that really bugs me is that when you hold someone at gunpoint to arrest them, some AI Pedestrians will either come up and fight you, or flat out shoot you. I end up having to taser a ton of them and arrest all that I can so that they will stop. Is there any way to prevent this from happening or is there something that I can do myself to prevent this?

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You can't prevent AI from going hostile in regards to using your weapon, no. This only happens in certain neighborhoods usually; predominantly the black & hispanic ghetto/barrio areas. I've also had it happen to me in the hick area in the north part of the map where Trevor lives, and occasionally black dudes on motorcycles in random locations such as Vinewood or Vespuci Beach will get off their bike, remove their helmet and shoot at me or AI cops that use their weapons.

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