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Lightbar Test?

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Would anyone be willing to create a quick test model of a custom Federal Signal Vector lightbar so I can see how it looks actually on a vehicle? Doesnt need to be fancy, hell doesnt even need to work, as its just a test right now. Cuz i have a mental idea of what it might look like, but that just not the same as seeing it in reality.  Iv search google a bit nothing had it on a vehicle.   The only thing that makes this one custom is that it just has different lighting arrangement (lighting is kinda like the reverse of CHP).  Im try to see what it looks like before requesting it on any vehicles - nothing worse than requesting some thing that looks like crap because you didnt do your research.

Its the same as a NYPD build, but instead of all red and white, with rear blue, im think of either of these:

Legend - 4 is outermost light, 1 is the center. They are color coded. If the number is in black it means its colored white/.

        http://www.capphanes.com/capcom/images/vtor.jpg                   OR                                4 3 2 1 2 3 4

If anyone is willing to help me out, Id appreciate it!

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