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GTA 5 Keep Wanting to Update after Installing Car Mod

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Thank you in advance for your help! I apologize if this is in the wrong section of the forums! I am trying to install a vehicle modification into police2 slot. I have watched tutorial videos and read many other articles regarding the matter. However, every time I install the files using OpenIV and try to run GTA V the game wants to update (I have let it update to the most updated version multiple times). Once the update finishes it overwrites the files for the vehicle mod I replaced.Without restarting the computer or anything I replace the files again and then run GTA V via ragehook plugin and it does the same update again,  

If anyone has any advice or help, I would greatly appreciate it! If more information is needed please let me know and I can try my best to provide it.

Thank you,


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This has been answered several times before - You need to use a mods folder with OpenIV. 


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