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Lspdfr Not working on social club digital game

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Hello, i just purchased gtav on pc just so i can play this mod..

I purchased the digital version of social club not the steam version.

I installed the mod in my root directory like was stated in your read me file.

I click on the rage hook plugin.exe to launch into the mod, But when i get to the game menu and click on story mode it just loads into the original game...


I've deleted the mod files and folders countless times and re installed them to try and get it working.

But it's always a no go, same thing every single time.. rage hook is not a good thing to use for this mod it is to complicated to get working.


Please help thanks

ps i've attached the rage hook log.. The top lines show before i updated rage hook to the new version it failed.. But after it shows that lspdfr loaded and was working.

But that's not the case nothing loaded except the origianl game..





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