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2005 Impala 21TR

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Vehicle model request.

2000-2005 Chevy Impala with 21TR (unmarked or removable optional)

With working spotlight, take downs, alley lights, 

prisoner partition.

computer and radio equipment (optional)

Rambar (optional)

The same as this chicago car, if you make it have red and blue lights i wont complain as i'll switch them to all blue myself, but if you did both variants im sure some people would enjoy the red and blue.

Hopefully someone will consider this, there were SEVERAL in GTA IV, not sure how it would be so hard to port one of those models to V. anyways...



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On 11/15/2015 at 4:26 PM, UNIT33 said:

Yeah it doesn't have to be the 21TR but that would be preferable plus its already useable.

Is a '96 Impala SS too old?

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7 hours ago, Cosmo said:

Is a '96 Impala SS too old?

That would be cool, but I was asking for the widely used 2000-2005 body style.

The 1996 impala SS to my knowledge wasn't distributed  as a standard patrol vehicle.  I've seen it unmarked and a FEW Highway Patrol units but other than that, it was mostly the standard 1996 Caprice 9c1 used as patrol vehicles.

If you are doing a 96ss, then it would be nice if it had the 9C1 steele wheel with center caps or optionally make a version with the performance impala rims I believe they were 5 star or something in that fashion.

9c1 96.jpg


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I would love to see the 7th gen Impala`s in V. That was the first personal vehicle i owned that i fell in love with. 2002 Impala LS with the sweet 3.8L V6 , 205BHP and hella torque. Loved that car so much when i blew out the motor in it racing i went out and bought the 305 BHP 2013 Impala LT. Such nice domestic sedans for a daily driver. And they look mean as patrol cars.

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