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Hero540 AKA Zomb Lee's LSPDFR Vidya Dumps

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Hello, everyone! I've never posted about my channel before in the media forums here. I'm Zomb Lee over on YouTube, in case anyone was wondering. I figured I'd share my new LSPDFR Let's Play series. It's not as filled out as my LCPDFR series is, but it's definitely on its way to taking off! 

You can check it out here if interested: LSPDFR Night Watch Playlist

If you're feeling a bit nostalgic or you'd like to see how the amazing G-17 crew developed an unprecedented legacy of police simulation, my LCPDFR series is also available from my channel's main page which can be found here: Zomb Lee: Let's Fail Some Games 

My channel isn't just limited to policing videos, and there you can find me failing my way through all sorts of unique PC gaming gems. 

Those among you who are feeling particularly kind and generous can of course find a link there to support the channel through donations (Any amount, big or small, is extremely appreciated!) and a button to subscribe if you'd like to receive notifications when I have new content published. 

I'll also post here with random short sans-commentary LSPDFR videos and the like. Thanks everyone in advance for taking the time to watch. 



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Here's a random event featuring the amazing San Andreas State Police uniforms by Codebooker!



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