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Some problems I (think I) I am having with LSPDFR

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I can't seem to arrest anyone. I am able to pull people over and respond to calls, but nobody ever surrenders to me. If I tell someone to get out of their car, then aim at them (with or without a gun) and press E they don't surrender, they either run away from me or they fight me as soon as I aim on them. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong. I tried pressing E, I tried Alt U because I read that somewhere but it doesn't work either. Everything else seems to be working Ok, I just can't make any arrests.

This is a great mod I just wish I didn't have to kill every criminal XD

Did I miss something/do something wrong?

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5 minutes ago, manwithNoHead said:

I think I have the native trainer? But for some reason the arrests are working now! Most of the time.

They don't always work the first time. Occasionally you have to spam the arrest button, or give chase, stun/shoot the suspect, and continue spamming the arrest button.

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