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Car-ception (Car inside another Car) Possible? Or Nah?

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So, like the long title says, I'm trying to find a way to put one car inside a larger car.

I got the idea when I saw one of the Packer's extras, which was a car ramp.

So it only makes sense that you should be able to drive a car up a ramp and into the back of a semi-truck (Kinda of like the old Knight Rider).


Anyways, so far nothing I've done works. I drive up the ramp fine, but even with the back doors wide open, it acts like there's a wall. I've made sure there is no collision mesh in the way and I believe that the wall collision meshes are far enough away that they shouldnt be a problem.

I was just wondering if anyone has previously done this before and if it's actually possible?

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