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Really Weird Problem

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So it's been a while since I've been on but I re-installed LSPDFR and Rage Hook last night. As well as a 2 vehicle models and vehicle skins. The game and LSPDFR functioned just fine sound and all. Then today I tried to play and during the start up screen intro "police sirens and gun shots etc...." it started going crazy and double those sounds (not sure anyway to better put it) then after it gets to the actual loading story screen "character pictures" there is no sound and then no sound in game. I have tried restarting the game but nothing. I have never experienced anything lime this with the sound going all crazy and then not working. 

Does anyone have any advice for this??

Also I did make a change to a .meta and carvariation file as provided in the installation but it was for a vehicle that I installed. I doubt that would be the problem but who knows....I'm not the best when it comes to technical stuff like this but I have installed many vehicle mods in the past and this has never happened

Update:* I just removed my Mods folder from the GTAV root folder and get the same problem. So I can pretty much rule out my vehicle install and .meta and carvariation changes cuz they are located in that folder. 


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Really Weird but I fixed it....for now I guess. I replaced the car variation file all together for one of the vehicle and it worked. The first time though I just copied and texted the lines into the car variations file that was already there. I had no idea that that type of file could mess with sound. Thank you though @ineseri 

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