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Hello everyone! I am new to the whole LSPDFR community, but I managed to finally get it up and working. I figured it's time to expand my game functionality. I am looking to install the police radio plugin and was wondering what script hook V does and how to use it. I assume it works the same way Rage works, and by that I mean where to put it ect.. How do I get the police radio to be fully functional with Scrip Hook v?

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Scripthook V is very simple to use and an essential if you want to use .asi scripts, just drag the dinput8.dll & ScripthookV.dll into your GTA V root directory (The NativeTrainer.asi is optional, I recommend the use of Simple Native Trainer if you don't have one yet) and you're good to go, just install Police Radio like normal after that.

If you ever need to use a .NET script you'll need ScriptHook V .NET on top of that.


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