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Emergency Vehicle File Names

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newbie question/request...

Could someone assist me with the file names for the emergency vehicles? I got ones like Police1, 2, 3; sheriff and FIB, but am not too sure about the others (like the riot vehicle, police roadcruiser, police rancher, park ranger, police transport).

I'd like to replace the defaults with some of the mods I've downloaded.Thanks for helping a rookie!

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fbi - FIB Buffalo

fbi2 - FIB Granger

police - Police Cruiser (Stanier)

police2 - Police Buffalo

police3 - Police Interceptor

police4 - Unmarked Police Cruiser (Stanier)

policeold, policeold2 - Yankton State Trooper Cruiser + SUV

sheriff - Sheriff Cruiser (Stanier)

sheriff2 - Sheriff Granger

riot - Police Riot Truck

policet - Police Transporter

policeb - SAHP Bike

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