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"Wig-Wag" Flashing Headlights

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So there seems to be limited research into the possibility of making "wig-wag" alternating flashing headlights for police vehicles in GTA V.  There's this "strobes" mod that makes the headlights flash together. http://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/8214-strobes-mod-v/


Since the two headlights seem to be locked together, I wonder if it's possible to cheat the system by writing a script that takes advantage of vehicle damage.  Anyone looked into this?  Would it be possible to create a script that roughly did the following?:

1. Damage right headlight

2. Turn on headlights

3. Turn off headlights

4. Repair vehicle

5. Damage left headlight

6. Turn on headlights

7. Turn off headlights

8. Repair vehicle

9. Repeat


Do we know enough about vehicle damage coding to do this kind of thing?

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It should/could be possible actually, this kind of sparked my curiosity.. It'd create an ELS IV effect though, with repairing the car all the time (flappy doors even maybe). 

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Perhaps the damage amount could be changed without ever using "repair" in the script.  I don't know, someone who knows more about the internals of GTA would have to comment.

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