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Hi Guys,

First post. Just signed up. Awesome mod. It made me buy GTA V for the PC.

After playing with LSPDFR for a day, besides having a lot of fun, I have noticed a few things.

1. Slow down day/night cycle. For my taste, 48 min of real time for 1 day game time is too fast. I very much enjoy driving around, patrolling at night when it is less crazy. I did find a mod to do this but I think this would be great if it would be incorporated into LSPDFR. This way you can feel a grave yard shift as it is. Kind of slow... exploring, bumping into things, etc.

2. Less action. I am not a cop, but I keep hearing them say all the time that it is mostly boredom with minutes of terror. I feel, calls are coming in too often. I am sure some of you love to just jump in for 1 hour and do a lot. If the frequency of the calls could be adjusted by the player, I think that would be great. I have Callouts V installed. And I am still learning what is what here. So I know LSPDFR is not Callouts V. Perhaps I have something messed up and it intervferes with the original mod. If so, please disregard.

3. AI Police activity outside of calls. I feel that the city is too busy. There is a siren going on all the time. I am from a big city so I know you do hear sirens but it seems it is just non stop. Someone is always chasing someone else around me. If this could be adjusted or tuned down for those who would prefer it that way, that would be great.

Those are just my impressions and I very much appreciate the free work from all the modders! Please do not take this as criticism in any way other than constructive criticism. Also, if some of that above is already possible to do, please let me know. I did read the forums but I am sure I have missed a ton of information.


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1. That is related to GTA V - Not in any way LSPDFR related. You can change this with a trainer, I recommend simple native trainer: https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav 

2. LSPDFR is still in early beta, we're not at LCPDFR 1.1 level yet. We do aim to make it so that all features (and more!) that was in LCPDFR will be in LSPDFR eventually, including all the player customisations for callouts and so on. 

3. See number 2. Also, GTA V has random chases and ambient sounds going off a lot (most likely to mimic LA life and bring it into LS). 

Thanks for your feedback and welcome to the forums by the way, and yes, we do like when people give suggestions and critism :)

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1. Got you. Yes! I got the simple trainer. It works great for many other things as well.

2. I've not played LCPDFR. I did play GTA IV, just not the mod. If this is coming that is awesome. May be I should look up what was in LC.

3. bueno!

Thanks for the reply!

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