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Retail Version and openIV

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Can someone explain what you do with openIV to the GTA V files once its installed? I installed ragehook and everything, but once I drag the lspdfr files into my game folder it crashes on startup.

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49 minutes ago, Argosian said:

I made sure Ragehook was updated and I launched it again. Here is the log.


uh question? Did you happen to install RageHook version 28 first and then installed LSPDFR second? I think that is what you did, as I looked at your log file, you essentially overwrote your good RageHook 28 with the old version that comes pre-packaged with LSPDFR. version 20

Here is what you had yesterday: [10/30/2015 9:42:28 PM.138] Version: RAGE Plugin Hook v0.28.766.5281 PUBLIC ALPHA for Grand Theft Auto V

Here is what you have today: [10/31/2015 5:33:34 PM.238] Version: RAGE Plugin Hook v0.20.641.4077 PUBLIC ALPHA for Grand Theft Auto V

The correct order is


2. Newest RageHook

But that is okay, If you have LSPDFR installed, just go back and reinstall version 28 of RageHook now.

Hope this helps!

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16 minutes ago, Argosian said:

Thank you so much! That worked, now I can stop pulling out my hair :)

hahahaha..You're Welcome! glad it worked.. Just remember if you ever have to reinstall again.. LSPDFR first then newest RageHook second, unless something changes down the road..

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