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Hello! I'm new here...

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Hello all wonderfull people of LSPDFR!!

Before i used to play LCPDFR a lot. But now i've had a long break.

I am kind of new here, and i have some questions. I've been searching around the forums without any luck.


1. If i start the game from steam, with the mod installed in the folder, can i still play online with my friends without removing the files? Because i have heard something about getting banned if you have mods and play online.

2. When i installed the mod i get something like "Wrong game version". Does anyone know what patch of GTA LSPDFR supports? I have stopped the game updates, so will i just have to wait for a LSPDFR version that supports my game patch?



Um... I see now that this is the wrong place to post this... And i can't seem to delete it... So feel free to delete/move it..


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1. Launch using the normal GTA V launcher

2. Update to Ragehook 28, available at ragepluginhook.net

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Your topic has been moved to LSPDFR Support & Information.
Please post in the correct location in the future.

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