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game stutter

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I'm not sure if anyone else has experienced this.  There's no crash log because the game doesn't crash but after arresting someone, i often experience a short game stutter, where everything will freeze for about a second and then resume shortly after.

I'm thinking it may have something to do with arrest manager and police life both activating at the same time.  Arrest manager to prompt for prisoner pickup, and policelife giving you experience. 

When I disable arrest manager it appears to more or less clear up, I'm still testing out the specifics.

I'm running an i7 920 processor with a gtx 970, graphics on medium to high.

Anyone else experiencing this?  Here is my most recent game log with no crash.



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It's just because of Rockstar's anti-scripting stuff. It creates lag every time a script starts or does something, for example when you call in backup there is stutter because of the script starting back up.

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