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Callouts (etc.) not displaying

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I made no changes to mods but did make some game setting changes to the display and advanced display areas - but I restored both to default and the following issue continued.

All of the sudden, callouts and other things stopped being displayed above the mini map.  The other most noticeable missing item is the name of people or license plate when running checks.  Some things do appear above the mini map like calls for backup, etc. but the important things like the name of people when you ask for their ID does not show up.

Any questions are welcome in order to fix this issue.  Thanks in advance.

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I think there is a setting in Options that you can turn on or off notification ingame or something like that, probably you turned it off since you played around with the display and graphical settings. Only thing i can think of right now.

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Fixed!  If anybody else has this issue - you must ensure that your cell phone notifications are left on.

This could be closed if the mods do that here.  Thanks!

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