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gta crashing since new new update

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I have had a problem with GTAV crashing since the update last week. After many many hours of messing with the game I found the issue is in my mod file specifically the update file in the mod file. Has anyone had this issue and has anyone know a way of fixing it? The lesson I have learned so far is backup, backup, backup, your files when things are working good.




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I assume "mod file" means the OpenIV mods folder.

As I've mentioned elsewhere your mods folder contains the RPF files from the previous version of GTA V. You updated your game to the latest patch so your EXE's are trying to load a new version but then being told to load the old versions from the mods folder. Thus crashing because they don't match.

You will need to delete the contents of your mods folder and copy all of the files again from the new patch and reinstall all of your mods in order for them to run on the new patch.

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You don't really need to delete the entire mods folder, just copy a fresh update.rpf to it as that file was patched, then reinstall mods that go there (typically... vehicles.meta, handling.meta, etc)

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