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My downloaded GTA crashes when I run Rageplugin

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So Yeah like the title told you. I downloaded GTA V couple of weeks ago and I always drive around the city in a policecar so I decided to take to the next level, LSPDFR. I´ve heard about on GTA IV so I decided to see if there was a version for GTA V and there was. So I read the instructions and did what it said. So then I started my GTA V and then the Rageplugin, and vice verse. But it just crashes, and says that I have no disc in. What should I do? 

Well I understand i´ll get a lot of comments about that I´m not purchasing the game. Well, I actually own 3 copies of GTA V on different consoles. I got 4 copies of GTA IV on different consoles, 3 for x-box lolz. So, I think that i paid for that game what I should actually. So dont start with that. Can anyone help me? Sorry for bad grammar, I do my best.  

It also says that Im playing 500 something, if important, I´ll show you a screenshot. 

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No I did not. I buyed for PS3, Xbox360 and PS4 thats enough.

Well that makes this pretty simple.

We don't officially provide any support for cracked/pirated copies of the game. Neither do the creators of the RagePluginHook that LSPDFR requires. As a result you will either need to purchase a copy of the PC version to get official support or try and figure out the solution yourself.

Good luck.


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