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[DEV].psd template for Black Hawk mod

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Thought some of you guys may want to make use of this. It's a multi-layered .psd template for my Black Hawk mods. It allows easy editing thanks to the multi-layer system. Any program with .psd (Photoshop) plugin can open the multi-layered file.


Layer 1: basic detail template 
Layer 2: color of parts on the tail (just minor) 
Layer 3: body color 
Layer 4: markings 
Layer 5: details which do not get colored

The texture is 2048x2048, I DO have a 4096x4096 template as well, which is greater ind etail, but also a lot bigger regarding file size. So I decided to go with the 2048x2048 route. 

Please note that this template has restricted compability with some Black Hawk mods. For example, the sensors or refueling rod of the special operations versions are not present on this template. 

This template works with the following Black Hawk mods:

UH-60L Black Hawk
MH-60S Knighthawk
MH-60Q Black Hawk MedEvac
S-70A Firehawk

Restricted compability with:
MH-60L Black Hawk
MH-60L Black Hawk "Battle of Mogadishu"
MH-60L Direct Action Penetrator
VH-60N Whitehawk


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