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Cannot copy Rage Plugin Hook .28 files?

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I deleted Rage Hook .26 after I was finally able to update Grand Theft Auto V. I never updated to .27 because I was out of town and by the time I got back it was to .28. Either way, whenever I try to copy the files of .28 into my Grand Theft Auto V folder, I get this message:


I had FINALLY gotten it to work, and now I get to go through all of this trouble again. I hate to even update anything because I always run into problems with this!

Interrupted actoin lsdpfr.png

I put in .26 again into my folder just to see if I got the same message, and I did not.

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You simply have to open the archive with the latest version of WinRar or 7Zip.


Thank you. That did work. I thought I already did that, but I must have forgotten to do it! The files downloaded easily into my Grand Theft Auto V file, but now when I try to launch the plugin, it says Windows has blocked it, so I say for it to unblock it but it will not do it. It just keeps popping up again saying Windows has blocked it. Any suggestions?

Did they call this Rage Hook because it never works and because it makes people rage? Lol. 

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