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LSPDFR not working?

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At first I thought allot of people was not able to get on lspdf but as time goes by it seems only I cannot use it.

I am getting like 3-4 errors.

My RAGEHOOK has been updated to 0.28*****

My scripthook has been updated to its newest one

But my errors are kinda odd,


I get this error now:


Along with one after the game crashes you know how the R* menu pops up it will say sign in my account has been signed in else where (not true)

This my biggest problem:


I have no idea how to update the game on PC as I thought it did by itsself that is why I was getting errors before the RAGEHOOK&ScriptHook was updated.

I have TAKEN (not deleted) my mods folder out of my GTA 5 directory & got the same error as the 2/3 above.

Any ideas on how to fix? Preferably not deleting all my hard work and restarting.

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