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realistic speed radar gta 5

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could someone please make a more realistic radar script like this in gta 5, a big red circle in the middle of the road really down plays the game, thanks!!


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I wrote a radar system for my gaming community over the summer, but I've had a few PM's inquiring about getting one published for the community as a whole. Although I initially wanted to keep things in-house, I'm putting this together for everyone. I have gone over the algorithms used to find vehicles, and I've been working on their performance.
I'll get a video up some time this week / next week.

This is modeled after the Kustom Signals Golden Eagle II (directional). This is a VERY popular radar among law enforcement, and the only features you'll be missing out on are the: stopwatch, audio, and hold button. Although the audio and hold button may be written in later.

Matthew Evans (rushlink)

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