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What variable determines glass bullet resistance? Or is it model related?

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*This is a repost from GTA forums that never made any traction, so posting it here to see if anyone knows on here*

Having a look through handling files of both standard and DLC files, I am trying to figure out which variable determines the "bullet resistant" glass, as it does eventually break accept for the metal slants on the duke/transporter, but anyway, on:
- Riot Van
- Armoured Kuruma (certain panels)
- Duke O Death (certain panels)
- Police Transporter (front windshield)
I can not find anything referencing it the handling data so my next thoughts go onto perhaps that it is the model it self that would need modification, and therefore the material on the vehicles themselves much like how in GTA 4, you needed something like Zmodeler to change the glass material type for each window section of the vehicles.
However, this sort of thing would be awesome if it could be done in game via, say for example, going to Los Santos customs and enabling/buying bullet proof glass this way, or, the same applies to adding the function to a trainer or "mod" that allows you to fully upgrade cars (few around currently) with additional options like swapping certain windows out on certain vehicles with bullet proof glass...OR the steel plates (as seen on the transporter, the Kuruma, duke O death and the windshield grille on the RIOT) as this would make vehicles look awesome, imagine having the buses in game decked out in the metal plating? It would look really cool to be able to add these to cars via in game...but i fear it's a Zmodeler thing to do instead. I guess once we get that far it would be worth investigating.
Any ideas? Now that we can add new car models and weapon models, what about material editing? As I feel bullet proof glass is determined by particle models/props/attributes of certain glass, same with materials that are bullet proof like the slits in the Armored Kuruma.

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