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Sim Copter, Code Review

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For those of you that remember a game back in the day called SimCopter you would use a helicopter to complete numerous tasks; VIP Transport, Police chases, Fire, Rescue etc... I'm currently working on a SimCopter mod with Rage and the LSPDFR mod to bring more life to air support. I'm hoping that there is someone out there more experienced with the Rage and LSPDFR APIs to review my code and/or help out with development. If you're interested let me know and thanks in advance!

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That would be AMAZING I spent hours on SimCopter back in the day!


Thanks.. Already have a prisoner transport callout done where you pickup a prisoner and two guards from one police station and fly them to another police station or the prison.

Working on the following callouts:

  • VIP Transport
  • Medivac
  • Mountain Rescue
  • Rooftop Rescue
  • Boat Rescue
  • Fire Support
  • Car Chase
  • Gang War

Other features I'd like to include:

  • Ability to dispatch EMS
  • Ability to dispatch Fire
  • Ranking system

Still trying to work out some bugs in the Prisoner Transport call out like when I assign a ped a task such as _policeOfficer.Tasks.EnterVehicle(Game.LocalPlayer.LastVehicle, 10000, 0); sometimes the ped does nothing and is teleported after the timeout. I think if I put them in the player group they'll get in the vehicle but I don't have time to test it tonight..

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Damn, nice idea. I totally forgot about SimCopter! I used to play that game for HOURS on end!

If you want to turn this into a team project, we can set up a TFS project on Visual Studio Online.

EDIT: The biggest hurdle (or one of) you're probably going to run into is LSPDFR sending you callouts that are meant for ground units. A player in the helicopter may have to wait a long time for an air support callout.

And vice versa too...you'll get ground units being dispatched to mountain rescues. Although that one is easy to overcome, actually. Just abort the callout (i.e. don't display it to the user) if the player is not in the Maverick.

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