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I can't get LCPDFR to load anymore. It used to show up and the game would crash before the first call. Now it doesn't even leave the hook pugin in start up. If someone can give me a list of what files need to be in the GTA V  list so that I can make sure I have everything that would be great.

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I think the new GTAV update has caused issue with RageHook.  Probably going to have to wait for a new release of RH plugin.  

Haven't tried to play, but I know my GTAV received a 5.6gb update today.

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BTW:  the first time you execute the RH plugin, you should be asked to backup your current game.  Do that if you don't want to wait for the RH update.


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hey dude drdetroit..i have a problem with scipthookv.dll...the game was updated...and i need a new version of scrpirt hook do u have that ? please help me out ty

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