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Hardcore Mode? CPR?

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Is there going to be a hardcore mode of LSPD:FR? I think there is a submod out there that has like hunger and other things incorporated in it, but I was looking more for the basic Hardcore mode. You get shot, you fall down, you take more damage, and back up is further out. The suspects needing to be located is already great.

I know the medics will be better in the next update, but will we be able to try and revive our fellow officers ourselves? I hate just leaving them there on the ground. And being able to call Fire Rescue along with EMS would be awesome.

EDIT: also, what about dragging injured persons like AI cops do? I know there is a submod for it, but it would be awesome if it was included in the mod itself. 


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Well, the devs are working on getting most/all of the things that were in LCPDFR into LSPDFR (there's no : in either of them), so I would assume hardcore mode will eventually make it's return. I don't know about the reviving or dragging, but even if those don't get included someone will probably make a plugin for it.

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Dragging bodies is possible with the HeroCop mod, this also adds a few neat calls, and human/K9 partners!

I believe you are looking for this mod. Doesn't do anything with the callouts, but it makes stuff more interesting for sure! :wink:


Awesome! Thank you guys. Now I'll have to see if the CPR mod I found on GTA5-mods works with everything. 


Although, I still would like to see as much content incorporated into LSPD:FR as possible, (CPR, calling Fire & EMS, dragging, prisoner transport, hardcore mode, etc). And I don't mean any offence to the people who have created these plugins, they look absolutely amazing and I can't wait to try them. But, I didn't do anything with GTA IV, but I did a lot of modding on San Andreas, and the downfall of modding that was incorporating too many files together, I believe that seems to be the same in V as well. 

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