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Idea's for the GTA V world (plugins/scripts)

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LSPDFR is great, the possibilities for things to to in this fantastic world are endless. Just to think of a few: (probally some allready exist as a mod)


-Package delivery (FEDEX/UPS)

-Crime Scene Investigator


-Fire fighter

-Ambulance driver

-Drugs runner (by car/plane/boat)

-Newspaper delivery guy on a bike

-Taxi driver

-Tow Truck driver

-Bus Driver

-Rescue Team

-Dog Catcher

-Garbage collector (thanks alexguirre)

-Prisoner Breakout

-Traffic Warden


Scenario's: Hurricane / Outbreak (Ebola) / Walking Dead / Earthquake aftermath?


I hope one of you mod makers find something on this list inspiring and/or intriguing!



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Considering this isn't an LSPDFR plugin related suggestion and more of a GTA V plugin suggestion, i've moved the topic to the correct location.



This topic has been moved to the appropriate forum. Please post in the correct location in the future.

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You can already do Taxi missions in GTA V without a mod.

If you purchase the towing Impound as franklin, you can do tow truck missions with out a mod. 

Trevor can run drugs and guns on singleplayer from his small airport north of the Alamo Sea

There is a "Rescue Mod" that exists currently. It includes Firefighting, Life Guarding, Coast Guard, and EMS. 

The is also a Animal Control Mod where you apprehend wild animals. 

There is also a Trucking mod on GTA5-Mods

There is a Prison mod, so if you get busted you go to jail, and one of your goals is to break out. 


I don't know about coroner, CSI, or newspaper delivery, but I hope this helps. 


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