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Hometown vehicle model and skin

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Hello fellow LCPDFR officers, I was wondering if anyone can help me create a model and skin for my hometown police cruisers. My local police use Dodge Chargers and a Dodge Ram 1500. I will attach a file of each car but there is a specific lightbar I would like to use. I will also attach links to pictures of what the cars look like. The pictures are older but the design is the same. 






Ram 1500:


http://www.mediafire...ge Ram Pack.rar


Pictures of cars:






Essentially on the skin it is a red and blue stripe going down the side of the car with the word emergency above the stripes and 911 under on both sides then on the door is the badge saying Poland Police Village then it says police on the back under the tail lights. If you need newer pictures I can take them and post them as a comment just let me know. Thanks in advance!

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I can't really help you with your requst, but what state is this?


My guess is somewhere in the "New England" area?

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