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ELS bugs fix?!

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Hello ,


All know els 7 have bugs , looks like "butterfly" doors , car god mod..


I have found a way to fix that.


All know the Extreme Spoiler Adder script?



This Mod add a spoiler (the spoiler is not from the game is custom addon in .wpl and in .img format ) in any car you want.



We can add LEDS in the car .But we need a  new script to "flash".


q:but if you add a LED in the car , the LEDS will stay in the car back .

a:you can configure the position of LEDS in the ".INI" file

See a example:


(this script is similar , but he dont make a "addon" , the turrets files is from game)




i think els bugs gonna get fixed now


see attached files 


hope i posted in correct forum


sorry for the english

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I can't really make out what you're trying to say, but the door stuff will most likely be fixed in the next version of ELS. No guarantee though, the development of ELS is about as secret as GTA V's development was.

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