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CG Blaze

[REQ] A Simple CHP Edit

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Hey all,


This is directed to anyone who has made an accurate CHP CVPI.

CHP units are some of my favorite cars of all time, and I use them often in IV. However, I'd like to switch it up a little bit for the sake of personal interest, perhaps to use as my own interpretation of what I think Liberty State Police would be like.

To cut right to the chase, I was wondering if any authors of accurate CHP models would be willing to simply send me a version of the standard, Liberty-equipped CVPI with the steelies swapped out for full hubcap wheels. 

That's all, nothing fancy, I just think they would look rather classy with the caps. I'd prefer this on a CHP CVPI based on Bxbugs' model rather than the DSF model, but I'll take what I can get.


I'd be more than satisfied with just that, but if I could also get the same wheel swap done on slicktop and Vision-equipped models as well, perhaps with Go-Rhinos in place of the standard CHP rambars, I'd be eternally grateful. But anyway, I'd really appreciate someone even just reading my request. I'd build these models on my own, but I figured I'd ask since there's already a few great CHP CVPI's already out.


Anyway, thanks for your time.


- Blaze

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