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Ambo problems

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That is about the very same Emergency Service in Liberty. Since PoliceHelper is highly unstable with the LCPDFR 1.0 (used to be fine a month ago, though, but after I reinstalled the game and all my mods, it's what I have), I had to remove it, sacrificing cones, barriers, bait cars, and the ambulance call function. 


Well, I know all the arguments "this is GTA and no realism is intended; crazy ambo driver is a part of GTA atmosphere" a;; that stuf, so please, no such comments required.


I'd like to hear someone like me who cares about it and maybe has a solution. For now I use vdH Coroner mod, they arrive, check the vic, and treat him if he's still alive. Somewhere on the forum I saw another ambo script but is unable to find it again. 

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