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Gunner 9213

One Year on Youtube, here is what i learned.

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First off, dont expect to get big or famous right off the bat, sucess will come to those who work for it
Do videos on what you want to do. If you are "forcing" Yourself to play a specific game or do something you might not want to normally because it is "popular" Viewers will know, and will not enjoy the content you create.
Create your own style, (ie: personality, Commentary style, ect...) Make them remember you.
Determine what recording software you want. I personally use bandicam, but fraps and others are good too.
Look into editing software, the one you will most likely use first is Windows Live Movie Maker (free)
Interact with people who comment on your videos. It lets them feel more welcomed and they might even subscribe.
Do not promise thing you can not keep (ie: daily uploads, it makes you look bad)
Most importantly, Have Fun, its meant to be fun and enjoyable ;)

Feel free to add to this list if anyone has any ideas!

My One Year LCPDFR Video:


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Awesome job, shell sub for sub :thumbsup:



You may want to improve your channel banner and add and intro and outro on your videos, plus create better thumbnails. Quality is very good for your videos

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Be patient and consistent. Also take advantage of social media, its good to promote your video on twitter, facebook etc... I know its already been said but be yourself!. Nice Video Gunner Subbed as well.

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