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Tutorial on how to script LCPDFR plugins?

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Hello everyone, I have gotten interested in scripting LCPDFR plugins, but I have no clue on how to script plugins.

Could someone maybe post a tutorial on how to script?

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You'd have to learn scripting to start with, as the LCPDFR plugins are coded in C# if I remember correctly. There is a API-reference, read that. Microsoft has some good tutorials on their website. 

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You need to get familiar with:

1. C#(/Visual Basic?),

2. scripthook SDK,

3. API reference,

4. An example plugin included to the mod,

5. Other mods' source code (to understand how GTA and scripthook work)


There's no way to create an interesting plugin without KNOWLEDGE. Any see-a-video-and-learn-in-15-mins method won't work. There's alot of online tutorials about C#, read them first and you'll understand what are you reading about in SDKs. After you learn basics focus on objective programming.

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