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File Information

  • Submitted: Jul 15 2012 12:35 AM
  • Last Updated: Oct 16 2013 02:28 AM
  • File Size: 14.45MB
  • Views: 23742
  • Downloads: 4,071
  • Bandwidth: 57.46GB (estimated)
  • Approved on: 13 December 2012 - 03:03 PM
  • Credits: Iconography: Textures
    Original Light: Testing

Download Donate to author New Non-ELS Lights and Coronas 1.3

Author's Description

NOTICE: Due to some site limitations, I had to split my mod up into several different .RAR files. There's no need to download them all (you should nab the readme still, though).

A quick demo video. I recommend watching at 1080p. Only intended to be a short intro:

Forum thread: http://www.lcpdfr.co...-corona-thread/

This mod contains 11 different folders, each one contains different .wtd files containing my custom coronas (the site wouldn't let me upload one, larger rar so everything is split up, sorry).

Coronas are the "lens flare" effects that appear around headlights and brakelights, and they also
determine how the non-ELS (stock) emergency lights appear in game, which is my main focus.

I designed this mod with the goal to modify non-ELS lights in an attempt to make them more realistic (in most cases).
However, I also made sure to verify that headlight and breaklight coronas don't appear too far out of the ordinary.
The four different types of coronas all have different looks to them. The corona names reflect the look of the corona, while also being unique. If you would like a more customized version of these, or something entirely different, send a PM and I will see what I can do.

I have included labeled screenshots with every corona type so you don't have to hunt for a corona.

******* Corona types:

* The “Larger” series of coronas have double the texture size, from 128x128 to 256x256. This provides a larger area of effect. I will not go beyond this size, unless by a personal request, because headlight and taillight coronas become larger as well, and any larger would be an eye-sore and a nuisance. The corona files are used by many things in game, so I always have to make compromises. This is one of them.

* The "Enhanced LED" corona is a spin-off from the "LED Radiation" corona. It has a small, intense core with a small lens flare in the middle, and small rays of light emanating from within.

* The "Enhanced Halogen" corona is designed to mimic a real-life halogen rotator. It features a uniform halo and a traditional intense color burst in the center with light ebbing away as the end of the corona is reached.

* The "Bright Sun" corona is my attempt to make an "average" corona. It is large enough to make non-ELS lights bright,
but it does not have any extra perks to it. It"s a standard, circular corona.

* The "Halogen" corona, in my opinion, looks more like true halogen emergency lights. I made sure to make them
significantly brighter than stock lights. Again, there"s nothing really flashy about this corona.

* "LED Radiation" is where things start to change. This corona has more of a small LED look to it. It still appears
to be bright, but it the effect is not nearly as large as the more halogen-like coronas.

* "Solar Flare" corona: This one still looks more like an LED than a halogen bulb in my opinion,
but I gave it a larger radius than "LED Radiation" so it has the brightness and size of a halogen bulb corona.

* "Thin" Coronas 1 and 2: These coronas are designed for thinner lightbars. They're designed to fit between the top and bottom of a lightbar, without “bleeding out” into the space outside the lens. The main difference between the two is that corona 2 is slightly smaller than the first.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to restrictions imposed by the game engine, the thin coronas may appear “sideways” at some angles. This isn't a problem for circular coronas since they are radially symmetrical, but these ones are more susceptible to appearing out of place at times, since they are not radially symmetrical. These coronas will not suit everyone.

* More coronas will be on the way if demand is high enough. PLEASE leave feedback or requests on the forum thread.

******* Compatibility:

These coronas should be compatible with ALL graphics mods, including ENB. If you notice that a certain graphics mod alters the appearance in an undesired way, PLEASE send me a PM on the lcpdfr.com forums so I can fix the problem for you. Please note these were tested under ENB conditions.

******* Installation:

Simply choose your preferred corona and copy it in to pc\textures\ while making sure to make a BACKUP of the original corona.wtd file.

There"s nothing complicated to it. I eliminated the need to use tools such as SparkIV by making my own, 100% custom, coronas.wtd file that can just be copied and pasted.

******* Credits

I would like to thank Original Light for giving me the idea to modify the coronas, and for testing the coronas, as well as Intensified and ehjort1891 for new ideas. And a big thanks to all the supporters!

All textures found within coronas.wtd are created BY ME and they shall not be uploaded, in whole or in part,
to ANY other modding sites AT ALL. This is EXCLUSIVE to lcpdfr.com.

Modification of coronas, for personal use only, is both allowed AND encouraged to suit individual preferences.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to send me a PM over on the lcpdfr.com forums, or leave a comment on the forum thread.

What's New?

What's New in Version 1.3 (See full changelog)

  • ------ V1.3 ------
  • Added two thin coronas.
  • PLEASE read the note regarding them!
  • ------ V1.2 ------
  • Larger Halogen added
  • Larger LED added
  • Larger LED 2 added


Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots Screenshots

Very interesting man, never seen anything like this before aside from in ENBs but it's really cool to see someone putting effort into these from a sirenlight perspective.

Would you mind posting a labelled image so we know which is in use?
Why does such a simple change take so long? Good work! This makes the NonELS Cars much more interesting and so god will more HQ Cars without the unrealistic ELS will come out! Very good idea! Solid work! Fit perfect! Respect!
love this ;o) cant wait to try it for myself non-els is making a come back :o) hey ;o) good job buddy.....
Can i ask do you know how to make the reflections of the police lights brighter and go further?
The download itself has screenshots in their respective folders, but yeah I'll label the screenshots and post them. And thanks!


Thanks for the comment! And yeah, it does seem like non-ELS is making a comeback in some ways.

Feel free to make suggestions or requests. In the readme/info it says to keep them limited to PM's but posting them here should be ok too. I'll change the info.

Original Light and I are going to experiment with trying to alter reflections but some say it isn't possible. We'll see!
FANTASTIC! Looking at your screenshots only gives me the impression that this could battle ELS with the visual effects and such - especially since this comes without its bugs. You have turned regular lights and non-ELS into something very different. This should pefectly with the in-built lightbar controls in LCPDFR. Just wish there was some more cars to go with it (IMO for every ELS release there should be a NON-ELS version included in the download pack). I love the LED & halogen effects.
@Double Doppler
Thanks, and I'm glad to see that you like the LED / Halogen effects.

I'm trying to upload a new rar with the labeled screenshots but the site is having issues so for now the newly labeled screenshots will only be visible on here once approved.
wow, i really don't like non ELS at all, but i'm DEFINETELY downloading this! in a future release, when the light's flash will they go from left to right or flicker like ELS?
I wonder would it be possible to have different coronas with each vehicle, so cars with halogen lights would have halogen coronas and with LED would have LED coronas... A script maybe?
awesome mod Icon.

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