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Version 0.95 RC2-R2


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This is a legacy version of LCPDFR, the latest version, LCPDFR 1.0 is available here: https://www.lcpdfr.com/files/file/4607-lcpd-first-response/

This version is NOT supported. Do not post any bug reports or support requests for this version.



Fixed bugs with domestic violence data file.

GTA IV installation issues fixed.



Introduced an entirely new Taser system with a new Taser weapon model courtesy of Sniper296.

Now, instead of Tasing suspects by aiming at them and pressing T, you can holster/draw the Taser just like any native GTA weapon, using ALT +T.

The Taser acts like any other gun, and you can aim and fire it as such.


Reworked pursuit AI, adding a system whereby units which are closer to the suspect will use more aggressive techniques, and units which are further away will drive more carefully, but quicker, in order to catch up.

Air support units will now use less aggressive flying AI when simply following a normal suspect. If deadly force is authorized, the helicopter unit will use more aggressive AI, allowing it to get closer to the suspect so the marksmen can open fire.

Helicopter pilots will no longer bail out of the aircraft after the player arrests the pursuit suspect, instead they will return to the helipad at Francis International Airport Police Station.

Traffic Stops

Fixed a few bugs where states would conflict and the checkpoint would not disappear in certain situations.


Added handcuffing sound when the player handcuffs a suspect.

Fixed a few issues relating to animations, and added a few more.

Some minor back-end changes to allow for integration with the new stop and search functionality.

Stop and Search

The old frisking code was re-written entirely, ported over to C# and integrated with the new engine introduced in 0.95.

You can now approach suspects, press E near them, and you will order the closest suspect to stop. If the suspect stops, you will be presented with numerous options, allowing you to frisk them, hold them, or release them. This enables you to effectively stop multiple people at the same time, and then deal with them individually.


Added loads more domestic violence and shoot-out callouts all across Liberty City with different scenarios and set-ups.

Parking Tickets

Added a feature where you can give parking tickets to unoccupied, stationary vehicles in Liberty City. To do so, simply approach the vehicle and press the action key (E), to issue a parking citation.

Vehicle Trunk Searching

Updated the current police vehicle trunk system to all cars, allowing you to search the trunk of any vehicle for contraband. This feature uses new, smarter influences on the random chance including the area and model name.

NOOSE Air Support

Fixed a few sloppy coding bugs which should, hopefully, improve stability a little.

Duty System

Added a new voice tracking system where LCPDFR will assign the player a voice for your chosen ped model based on the model, and the player's face texture. This allows us to keep track of what voice the player has (as there is no native way to do this), and then use the appropriate speeches for that voice when needed. For example, in the new stop and search system, this is used to ensure that no matter what cop voice the player has, the most appropriate speech will be used (i.e. ones that tell people to stop).

World Events

Fixed a bug where the white (inactive) blip wouldn't show up when a pursuit world event was invoked on Hardcore mode.


Further modified some weapon damage values.
Added full compatibility for all weapons (TBOGT, GTA IV, TLAD).

Miscellaneous Changes

Updated the default keys image, and changed the key bindings to SPRINT + TAB
Removed the ALT + F10 settings menu which was bugged.
Removed the horrible old flashlight code.
Updated the network authentication and crime statistics system to a more secure key based system, rather than plain text username and password.
Fixed crime stats not being recorded for some features.
Some language changes.
Lots of back-end bug fixes!


Added automatic Taser model and weaponinfo.xml installation.

Configuration File (.ini)

Reworked the LCPDFR Configuration File, adding new categories and options. An example is shown below.

[SETTINGS] Callouts = True Hardcore = True Language = en-US MaxNumberOfWorldEvents = 2 PreloadAllModels = False UseAlternativeTargetDetection = False UseAnimatedPoliceBlips = True [CALLOUTS] CalloutTriggerMultiplier = 350 MaxDelayBetweenCallouts = 180 MinDelayBetweenCallouts = 30 [CONTROLS] PursuitAirSupport = Keys.F10 PursuitNooseBackup = Keys.F11 PursuitPoliceBackup = Keys.F12 PoliceBackup = Keys.B NooseBackup = Keys.N CPR = Keys.M ExitPD = Keys.Back GoOnDuty = Keys.P [TASER] ShowHolsteredTaserOnPlayer = False [NETWORK] APIKey = [your key here]
As always this changelog is in no way totally representative of all the changes and updates in LCPDFR 0.95 RC2. It is simply an easy to digest reference.


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