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[Canceled] NiceCallouts 0.4

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About This File

NiceCallouts is my attempt at a basic callout plugin.

I am officially canceling the development of this plugin. Their are so many other great authors who I do not want to impose on by offering an alternative. I also do not have the time. However, check out my other files!

Features (NS = Not Started, WIP = Work in Progress, F = Finished):

-Harasment (Arrest the suspect, shown as a red blip, and hit the end key. This is a temporary fix) (F)

-Kidnapping (Vehicle Pursuit) (F)

-Armed Robbery (Gas stations and convenience stores) (WIP)

-Trespassing (People tresspassing on random properties that you will have to remove) (NS)

-Domestic Disturbance (Two people fighting) (NS)

-Noise Complaint (people having a party) (NS)

-Vandalism (NS)

-Drug Trafficking (Vehicle Pursuit) (NS)

-Small drug deal (Small person to person drug deals) (NS)

-Large drug deal (Large gang to gang drug deals) (NS)

-Armed Suspects (Not a vehicle pursuit) (NS)

-Public intoxication (NS)

-Gang violence (NS)

Suggestions are welcome!

I can't give any release dates, but I hope to have the armed robbery out soon.

Known Bugs:

-People always spawn in the middle of the street. This will hopefully be fixed as soon as the API or Rage allows it.

To Install simply drag the NiceCallouts.dll into Main GTAV Folder/Plugins/LSPDFR

If an error occurs and it crashes your game, or simply does not work, comment (not review) below and attach your Rage Hook log file.

Note: As of now, this plugin should work with all callout plugins except for CalloutsV. Hopefully CalloutsV will be fixed in the next release! It's a great plugin!

What's New in Version 0.4


Tweeked the Harassment callout and renamed the ingame notification to "Person being harassed"

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For current version ·

   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

This mod was awesome and a great addition to other callouts.

It's just a shame it is no longer supported.

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For current version ·

   11 of 17 members found this review helpful 11 / 17 members

Great work!

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For current version ·

   3 of 36 members found this review helpful 3 / 36 members

sorry the mod isn't good enough to be there

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