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British Sirens including Wail, Yelp and Hi-Lo (two tone) and Bullhorn

Demo of the siren


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Braveheart, Take a look on the Comment you posted on the video, It explains. For you though, I'll post it again. HERE.


As There's those out there that don't credit the original authors, It's hard to get the Credit right. If you read the description, I credited the person who i believed to be the original author.

I'll amend the mistake, But in future, If you find something you've done, But not been credited, Contact the user privately instead of posting in the comments. It's politer that way. As you can see here, It was an honest mistake."

It Also states the changes I've made, And credit has been changed from the person i thought to be the original author, To yourself. Again, Check back on your comments, You'll see that I've made an attempt to contact you. Another display of yourself not getting in direct contact with me, instead, Just attacking in the comments.

I've messaged you, Please take the time to read it :)

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