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GTA IV - LCPDFR New "MP" sound short version  WAV


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  • Submitted: May 13 2012 09:31 am
  • Last Updated: May 13 2012 06:19 pm
  • File Size: 1.91MB
  • Views: 4254
  • Downloads: 178
  • Bandwidth: 340.28MB (estimated)
  • Approved: 13 May 2012 - 06:43 pm


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GTA IV - LCPDFR New "MP" sound


GTAIV or EFLC/scripts/LCPDFR/Audio

File format is wave.

You can change MP that make new wave file named " MP " and replace.


Enjoy! :biggrin:


Cool very nice :) Byaway I have a question do you know what means the radio stuff in the end? :D
Reminds me of Third Watch :> Nice!
A slightly shorter version (~10 seconds instead of 20) would be cool too.
yes ok :)
What exactly is this for?
mission completed sound :)
LOL nice one!
Thanks! :D
Awesome :)

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