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  • Submitted: May 04 2012 10:37 pm
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My personal ENB settings that work with LCPDFR 0.95 latest version with no conflicts. You may experiance red sky bug but other than that nothing else. The police laptop also works correctly with these settings as well. I have not tested this with just GTA IV but it should work for that too. This ENB is mainly for EFLC


Downloading! nice work, appreciate you releasing this!
No Problem. Please let me know if it works for you:) Later i will be adding a quick fix for the police lights to make them brighter like Neolux's Lights.
I tested it out and i gotta say, the light's are nice and bloomy and it's not too dark at all, amazing results!

EDIT: i'm gonna upload some pic's for members to see
Please that would be great! :) Im really happy your happy with the results!
Looks amazing, thanks man.
how do i instal this plz help
Just copy and paste all of the files and overite them. I recommend you back up the originals if you do not know what your doing:)
Work with the latest GTA 4 Version?
sometimes it works but just backup so if things go south!
This is a great addon and make ELS look a lot better.
BUT, is it normal that this decreases my FPS, night and day, to <20 FPS, when I originally have 70+ FPS at all times, all weather?
I understand this is a problem on my end, so what could cause it? I mean, it is only reflections, bloom, and sky edits so why am I getting this absolutely rediculous frame drop?

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