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Dewbauchee JB 700 (GTA V)

Version 1.1 (Final)


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File Information

  • Submitted: May 04 2014 08:59 pm
  • Last Updated: Jun 05 2014 10:59 pm
  • File Size: 942.55KB
  • Views: 4728
  • Downloads: 738
  • Bandwidth: 679.3MB (estimated)
  • Approved: 06 June 2014 - 02:27 am
  • Model Status: Locked
  • Lightbar: None
  • ELS Compatibility: Non ELS


  • Model: Rockstar Games
  • Textures: Rockstar Games & Murphy
  • Carcols, handling, vehicles data: Murphy
  • Model Extraction: trewq34


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Right out of Grand Theft Auto V comes the Dewbauchee JB 700!

This is my first mod to be uploaded to LCPDFR.com; however, this is not my first model conversion and/or game mod.

This model features changeable license plates (using liveries) with the recognizable "4GENT" variant.

This model also features the deployable bullet-proof shield, which was unfinished by Rockstar Games. Murphy completed it and its modeling so it can now be deployed and protect you, just like in the James Bond film "Goldfinger".

Carcols, handling, and vehicles data was made and tested by Murphy.

If you want the James Bond style JB 700 colors, use this carcol line: 3,3,12,


You need OpenIV to install this mod:

This mod comes as a .oiv file. You need to use the Package installer in OpenIV to install this file. Here's how:

Two versions of this file are available:
- Armored --> Hard to damage; great for a JB 700 script!
- Decommissioned --> Acts like a normal vehicle [can be damaged]


Download a GTA V-style script for the JB 700 by JulioNIB here.


- You DO NOT have permission to release or redistribute this mod!
- You DO NOT have permission to modify the content of this mod!
- You MAY NOT upload this mod to your own website and/or any other filesharing website
- You MUST contact Murphy if you would like to include this mod in a car pack, script, etc.


This mod will replace the Peyote vehicle. Make sure you BACKUP your files!

I am not responsible if you do not backup files before modding your game.

What's New in Version 1.1 (Final) (See full changelog)

  • Model and texture extraction from GTA V (trewq34)
  • Model separation and conversion
  • Custom modeled parts and collisions
  • Custom textures
  • License plate liveries
  • Game testing and data line writing


I hope that all of you enjoy my mod! :)

Hopefully, JulioNIB will see this and make a new JB 700 script!


Additionally, if someone decides to make a video for this mod, I think this song from its mission in GTA V would be fitting: :P

Once again, you do not have permission to upload this mod to any other site or redistribute it.

Great to see how good it turned our, Murphy! Keep up the great work!

good work man !!! downloaded...

any body see the mlt flatbed for gta4 yet

May 05 2014 07:49 pm

Awesome, it's finally released! I have been following this since you first started converting it :)

It's based upon one of my favorite movie-cars of all time; it's good to see it converted to IV. :D

Thanks for the comments, guys!

I'm really glad that all of you like it. :)

I wanted to let you guys know that I'm in contact with JulioNIB, and a JB 700 script is now in-progress!

james bond lol

When im trying to open the .oiv file, openiv is telling me "Unsupported package version"... Can you fix that? :)

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