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PvP Wanted v1a

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About This File

You do not have my permission to distribute THIS mod elsewhere, I do not mind if any major code is used, or built upon for learning/streamlining your mod, as long as you please credit accordingly if you were to release.



- PvP Wanted 1.0

- Mod by: Daimyo21

- contact: daimyo21mods@gmail.com

- Works in Multiplayer Only


PvP Wanted 1.0 is a script that adds several features and functions and is made ONLY for multiplayer

and intended to be played alongside LCPDFR and my other scripts that add RPG/Realism elements


What was this script originally for?

-It was originally created to add a PvP element for LCPDFR like SAMP/MTA Cops N Crooks,

however I ran out of time to work on it so many PvP features were left out because they were unfinished.

So is the script useless?

-NO! Far from it in fact! I added a buttload of features that pertain more to LCPDFR and

my other scripts (its sort of all over the place, Ill leave it open-source)

PvP Wanted Features:

#Realism approach (all optional)

-Disables driver-side shooting while in a car

-Passenger side shooting made difficult to aim

-Blind-firing from cover made difficult to aim

-Optional Respawn at nearest hospital setting (entire map must be opened in multiplayer free roam)


-(Optional)Police officer pedestrian penalty/reward system (reward/penalty money amount can be set in .INI file)

*Cops are rewarded for killing pedestrians who have a weapon or attacked a cop (basically wanted)

*Cops are rewarded for killing pedestrians with weapons

*Cops are penalyzed for killing peds that have no weapon and have not attacked the officer

-(Optional)Basic multiplayer freeroam implementation of Proximity Voice Chat (since freeroam doesnt have that)

*if players > X meters from you, the script mutes other players mics and unmutes them when they are close enough

#Use at own risk (most unfinished):

-Optional: Ability for player cops to give civilian players wanted levels (tested, dont spam, pretty sure it was stable, report otherwise/stop using if script crashes, does not require ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS)

*Must be within 75-100 meters away and in police's field of view

*On-screen messages synced through multiplayer (stating what cop is giving you the wanted level)

-Optional: PvP Arrest Functions, Tested, but Unfinished/possibly (ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS must be true for both players)

*In order for this to work, the criminal player must be wanted and ragdolled (taser pistol mod is great for this)

and a player police officers must be on foot AND within 10 meters to begin the arresting functionality (all automated and locks controls)

*The criminal player is automatically teleported to nearest hospital with loss of weapons and money specified

*Officer is rewarded for his arrest dependent on criminal wanted level amount

-Optional: PvP reward/penalties, automated wanted level chase functionality (ALLOW_PVP_FUNCTIONS setting enables/disables)

-Ability for player cops to give civilians warning messages (Disabled due to script crashing, feel free to try and get workin in scripts)


Copy PvP Wanted.net and PvP Wanted.ini in your scripts folder

Known Issues:

-Certain code/functionalities that are optional are unfinished or not very well bug tested

Find the full Community Mod Pack here:

What's New in Version v1a


  • -I forgot to mention in the video the police/crook penalty/reward system that works for both NPCs and Players (optional parameters in INI)
  • -Since this script is all around and unfinished, I added tons of optional parameters to tweak to your liking as well as keeping source file with it so if you want to customize it yourself

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I could probably fix, I had a similar idea for awhile. though I hate lcpdfr low life moderators who act like corrupted wannabe cops that don't follow the forums rules for ALL members so i'll won't be releasing anything to those pathetic bronies hypocrites.

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